We are able to respond to machining, single and multi spindles, hot forging and nickel plating processes in our production line, which is designed in order to manufacture with high precision and in the most efficient way.

Single and Multi Spindle

We have the capacity to produce CNC automat lathe and 6 spindle automats with 0.02 mm precision 24/7.


We have the ability to process fast and high quality parts with our CNC lathes and transfer machines, which are supported by the cutting tools required for the most efficient production specific to each product.

Hot Forging

We respond to your demands with presses of various tonnages available from our solution partners. If needed, after deburring and sandblasting, we make your products ready for shipment quickly.

Nickel Plating

With our solution partners, we prioritize natural environmental health and perform nickel plating at the standards you wish.